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LANYARD has metal clip and Lanyard Mobile Phone special design

If you want a out of the ordinary mobile phone case? In the face of many styles of iPhone cases on the market , if you don’t know how to choose? Lanyard metal clip case is a especially creative products different from other mobile phone case on the market  . Below in the dorsal case mobile phone has a high gloss metallic clip, accompanied by the rope, while you take pictures of the mobile phone in a convenient location to hang up. Not only that, especially designed the metal clip and lanyard, mobile phone, let your mobile phone to show personal style charm.

Lanyard black metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
The metal bar as decoration in the mobile phone csae can be removed , the hanging rope can be placed on the mobile phone case,it can also be placed on the right side. The design in this part at the beginning, taking into account various may change,it fully guaranteed in various installation mode,this mobile phone case looks beautiful,elegant.

Pink Lanyard metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
The iphone5 mobile phone case has polycarbonate as the main raw material, the button and the opening are coated processing, flexible touch texture more joint hand. Add special high-quality metal clip and polyester mobile phone lanyard add a lot of charm for the mobile phone.

Brown Lanyard metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
LANYARD also has the ease of use and protection, including the protection and use of the side keys when tactile. Mobile phone shell color and charger, data line color to coordinate the collocation, the charging and the data transmission can also ensure that its beauty. Mobile phone shell do protective closed to each jack and the keys in each jack, when not in use, can be very good to prevent dust and dirt into the. Although is the simple design of ultra-thin, still can do very good protection and dustproof effect.


Player in the game of “Dark Void” will play a cargo aircraft pilots named Will

Dark Void” is a science fiction action shooting game , in the game the game player will have the chance to experience a sense of readily combat action and shooting game, the game is also ready to battle scenes in large space, game player will use role behind the jet for high-speed mobile in the vast dark space.

The enemy in the game
“Dark Void” is an innovative science fiction game, although it is defined as the third person shooting game, but also the previous model is different, its main ingredient, the simulated air combat action adventure game into the third person shooter game, adding to the difficulty, but also increases the game a new fun  experience .

The main character in the game
CAPCOM games aim at science fiction theme, the “Dark Void” is no exception. The story was set in  start time of the second world war, game player will play a cargo aircraft pilots named Will . In a transport flight when accident in the famous Bermuda, be “fracture (Void)” swallow. In this “fracture”, the protagonist Will met the other victims, and exposure to a hostile organization “the observer”, they are the source of endless disasters to the earth.

“Dark Void” is a fast-paced combat mode into the air and marine vertical game. The protagonist Will back with a pair of jet aircraft, so that he can freely through the void. The game does the air combat and ground fighting made a good balance, when you are on the ground, you’ll find out the bunker system much like most of today’s shooting game (like war machine), and this system is also useful when you climb the cliff cave when rolling; lead in air combat, your feet will not touch the ground, like the open vehicle.

Origins of Malu is MMORPG which its game concept is similar to sand table game

A company in Canada’s Burning Dog Media Games officially open a new perspective for the design of the new RPG online games, “Origins of Malu”. Origins of Malu operated in 2012. At the same time, the game will cross platform game,and released PC and Mac version at the same time.

Origins of Malu game scene
“Origins of Malu” is a new perspective MMORPG, the game concept is similar to sand table game, game player will adventure in a changing world, the physical environment and all action game player in the game can change works. In the game system is set up, the enemy will have a very smart AI, important for the game player will not set limits on role level limit, character development and what kind of combat, that is to say this will be a game without any set of rules.

In addition, the game will not be any hierarchy system,it does not limit the character development and fighting style, that is to say, there is no rule that developers want to bring to the game player only rules. In addition, game player can also choose like remote or melee attacks for the game. And through life skills, game player can strengthen the attack attribute and effect, have unique skills.

At the same time, the game is popular, coupled with the early some slow motion system, to deal with the enemy be nothing difficult. Firearm types are quite different than the original, all kinds of weapons can deal with different types of enemy effect is completely different, you know using ordinary weapons against a fortified armor special transformation of soldiers and ghost requires large amounts of ammunition.

“Borderlands” role skills introduction

Borderlands” is a FPS game with RPG element, you can customize the content including the mission, weapon configurations, number of enemies, loot types, elements in almost all the game can be modified according to their own preferences. But different people have different roles in the game of skill.

Roland is a former Crimson Lance . Roland is warrior.He is good at using all the weapons, especially like shotguns and rifles. He may be arranged in a machine gun towers can be upgraded.His skills belong to support . Leadership skills can increase the team to gain experience of speed, the medical skills can accelerate blood velocity, supporting skills increase the team’s attacking force and manufacturing ammunition. He was the only one who need not consider the ammunition figure, because he has a recharge backpack.

Lilith used to be human, Lilith turned 6 sirens, a group with super powers after contact with alien technology . She came to Pandora in search of another siren, and learn more about their own message. She uses their ability to attack the enemy. The phase of movement skill she invisible also allowed her to become a thief (like TF2, Spy, Lancette), her Assassin skills increase crit rate and combat damage. Her control system make the enemy was vertigo.

Mordecai came to Pandora to find a man named Yujinny. Understand that he died, the mo de Cai intends to investigate how he died and what the band before death. According to Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford his role as a hunter. He is very agile, as melee weapons with a sword. He is also a sniper rifle expert. His driving skills to summon called blood wings Eagle pet, it will attack you set your goals. Blood and attack with your skill growth.

GGMM forest series iPhone 5 protective case combinate PC toughness

Now people using something are more modern, electronic and chemical synthesis,they are more sought after natural things . While as the characteristic of the era electronic IT products iPhone 5 with handmade wooden protective caes of pure natural do not have some flavor. GGMM forest series zebra wood Iphone 5 cases adopt log +PC material to create, it is soft joint right skidproof shockproof.

Hybrid material
GGMM forest series iPhone 5 protective case use reference quality natural forest as the basic color, it has uniform texture, straight, the structure is fine and uniform, no special smell or taste; matter, strength, wear resistance, dry shrinkage, no warping, not show generous, noble. GGMM forest series iPhone 5  mobile phone case use the latest materials technology , the mobile phone wood case is smooth and clear,it has non stick oil structure, each function key stereo processing, package box design for mobile phone in use process more easily produced a variety of styles to choose from.

Precision design
GGMM forest series iPhone 5 case is combined with the toughness of PC, the detailed process by sticking wood way to achieve both a wooden appearance, and is has the toughness of the PC, due to the wood material is from the nature, so the protection case grain size are different. Not to use the wood material, instead of using the mixed material, if the use of all wood, shell is thick,it is easy to fracture, and because the influence of humidity will deform .

using display
Mobile phone protection case and mobile phone accessories are no longer limited to plastic, wood case has many lightweight quality . The wooden hull protection of GGMM of this iPhone exquisite workmanship, let a person first to see not by eyes, like the naturalistic friends try.

Call of Duty5 joined the flame combustion system

Call of Duty5: World at War not only was developed by”call of Duty 3″ Treyarch , and the game of the battlefield also returned to the series before the Second World War, the game will be around in the Pacific War campaign, make the game player experience between American and Japanese War scenes.

shootout scene of Call of Duty 5 shootout scene
“Call of Duty 5: World at War” is developed by before engine,it also adds some features, such as a new command system in the story mode, game player can take to the AI control team released tactical command. In multiplayer also added some weapons of war mode, for example “flamethrower” can be melted the opponent’s skin or light wooden structure building, also will be the impact of wind direction, for example at the nearby grass, let the fire spread and harm the enemy outside the range, “climate” has also become an important factors affecting the change.

A vivid picture
You also can see from the released game screen , a visual looking forward also have a high level of performance. The game uses a “call of Duty 5 Image engine”, in addition to the game screen performance can be guaranteed, the new flame combustion system makes the game more realistic in the battlefield. For example, at one level, one by the Japanese prisoner of Marines, he witnessed a prisoners were tortured and murdered, originally thought that he is the next victim, but accidentally in a U. S. military night raid was saved by a US soldier, then they began to escape. They fled into the night, the moonlight shining on the water surface, and the cabin in the burned, also released from the ashes and smoke into the night sky, merge into the environment light effect an impressive.

The game mode introduction of Return to Castle Wolfenstein “

It was same with before work ,the story of “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” is set in the two World War, the enemy in the game both sides were wearing at the time axis and allies clothing, weapons and equipment were also on guns, but now some mysterious circumstances…….

Skeleton Officer of Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Game player can choose the singleplayer or multiplayer, in single player mode, game player will play B.J. Blazkowicz, an allied commandos. Game player mission is to infiltrate the German headquarters in mountain, the biological experiment investigation of Heinrich Himmler. The Hitler loyalists have found the remains of data in tenth Century in this seat on the mountain inside the castle, there are records how to summon undead, the dark knight and other evil creatures, Heinrich studies of these materials and biological experiment, once make him smoothly into the undead legions, battle will be seriously detrimental to the allies, so the game player must try to stop this from happening.

In many people campaign, each game player can choose one from four to play. Medic has the basic fighting force, it can be medical our forces have in battle damage, even to raise the dead comrades. The soldier is a standard fighter, he has no special abilities, but he can use two hands operated weapon, such as sniper rifles and bazookas,he is the main source of our military firepower.

The officer (Lieutenant) can not only replenish ammunition for other comrades,it can also be used on the back of the radio call aerial bombing or shelling, special attacks of this kind can often play a game changing in the trend is amazing. Engineer (Engineer) has the basic fighting capacity, can use the explosive destruction of terrain, more important is the engineer can repair the heavy machine gun MG42, provide considerable support in our army.

Compared with most of the FPS game, “the story of Wolfenstein” game player will be considerably higher, as the game progresses slowly found many traces, finally found out that there are considerable differences between the actual situation and the original forecast. In addition to the game exciting and let people see the picture be profuse in praise, “Wolfenstein” also cleverly combines the world of reality and fiction. If you like excitement thing mights as well try this game.

Momax iPhone 5 grid case inside and outside adotp hollow design

People used to use the mobile phone case to protect their own mobile phone, but a mobile phone case will certainly affect the cooling effect of the mobile phone, even if you want to custom phone cases which should also take into account whether the customized mobile phone case has cooling effect. Momax launched a mobile phone case which has good heat dissipation effect. Momax iPhone 5 grid protection case adopts double design, the outer case is the diamond lattice, inner layer is a mesh, both inside and outside adopt hollow design, rectangular lattice diamond lattice and network on chip interleaved, woven into a three-dimensional cross pattern grid design special, it is more conducive to body heat.

Fashion double design
Momax iPhone 5 grid case even adopt double design,it can still keep case light and thin . Braided lines is not only beautiful, but also is very favorable for the mobile phone to timely cooling ,it is also very suitable to use in summer.

A number of hit color design
This case does not affect your normal use of mobile phone, earphone, the volume switch, key switch machine have reserved the hollow position, bottom interface in the loudspeaker and the data line of the fuselage design is very accurate, so you don’t have to worry about mobile phone speaker sound will be subject to interference from the protection shell.

Precise details of the design
Momax iPhone 5 grid case adopts high quality dumb face paint coat, feeling is good, and has a skidproof function; mesh material inside after surface treatment, the formation has a strong contrast with matte,it has rectangular lattice diamond lattice and network on chip interleaved, woven into a three-dimensional cross design special, unique form of woven patterns the. Momax iPhone 5 grid case adopts iPhone 5 black or white tone, it has colorful yellow, red, green, pink or light blue, this interesting hit color elements, for the simple iPhone 5 add a fresh and exciting atmosphere.

PEGI games classification system classificate electronic game content

According to a Reuters news report in the European Parliament said that, electronic games for children are not do more harm than good, most video games does not harm the child’s soul, it can even help children to develop a number of important skills. Video games on children’s creativity and spirit cooperation can play a role in encouraging, the most important is the supervision of the parents,they should choose suitable game for children which is suitable for their age.

The new PEGI classification of games logo
It can stimulate children to learn knowledge and skills such as strategic thinking, creative, cooperative spirit and innovation ability, and correlate it with violence is not absolutely. This study carried out by the European Parliament the internal market and Consumer Protection Committee report shows that playing video games can also bring some benefits, but its association with violence is not absolutely .

Report Manager Mandel said: “the majority of electronic play does not harm the child’s soul, it can even help children to develop a number of important skills.” The conclusion that many children are addicted to video games against the parents feel accident,it also make them begin to re evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of electronic games.

This study carried out by the European Parliament the internal market and Consumer Protection Committee report,it does not call for the EU legislation banning some games, but that the EU should strengthen the PEGI existing “” (PEGI) game classification system, classification of electronic game content. According to the report, the most important is the supervision of the parents, choosing suitable game for children which is suitable for their age.

Electronic games in the EU is big business, trading volume last year are more than 7000000000 euros (about 13500000000 dollars). In the UK, electronic game merchandise sales last year for the first time beyond music and other similar video products.

Left 4 Dead 2 has shotgun seckill and shotgun knockback kill mode

Left 4 Dead 2” was released in 2009, until now the game is many people favorite game. But the game is more readily and bloody than before .There are many availability firearms , and it adds many extremely violent melee weapon: Pan, clubs, machetes, guitar and other make bloodlust multiplication weapon, zombie types also have increased, the interface looks more comfortable. But the game also has a variety of game attack.

Infector in the game
Shotgun seckill. This is the most basic way, if Witch was born in the only road, your hand also has the shotgun,it would be a good choice to directly throw it to burst her head . In order to scatter seckill, close to her without warning condition. Alert more stand up out sooner, aim at the in shorter time. You must in zero distance, otherwise the partial probability will increase.

Oil tank fire. This approach must meet two conditions, first, the Witch should be born in the nearby roadside wildfire or burning barrels, second oil barrels must be in your hand. The game player can fire situation caused by nothing more than shoot, throw napalm burn or the bomb and so on, but as long as the oil through the wildfire or burning barrels of flame threw Witch.

Shotgun knockback, read the above method you should know the shotgun to seismic back Witch, this is an extension of gun using,you can use it to push her down the building or to wildfire, or push down the gap between high and low, then please teammates while she climbs up to kill her. From the front shot seismic back Witch distance is short, you must consider carefully if the angle is not good .

Other than card ladder, card point, card safety door, the door of the refrigerating chamber and so on.. this card does not do the introduction.