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Player in the game of “Dark Void” will play a cargo aircraft pilots named Will

Dark Void” is a science fiction action shooting game , in the game the game player will have the chance to experience a sense of readily combat action and shooting game, the game is also ready to battle scenes in large space, game player will use role behind the jet for high-speed mobile in the vast dark space.

The enemy in the game
“Dark Void” is an innovative science fiction game, although it is defined as the third person shooting game, but also the previous model is different, its main ingredient, the simulated air combat action adventure game into the third person shooter game, adding to the difficulty, but also increases the game a new fun  experience .

The main character in the game
CAPCOM games aim at science fiction theme, the “Dark Void” is no exception. The story was set in  start time of the second world war, game player will play a cargo aircraft pilots named Will . In a transport flight when accident in the famous Bermuda, be “fracture (Void)” swallow. In this “fracture”, the protagonist Will met the other victims, and exposure to a hostile organization “the observer”, they are the source of endless disasters to the earth.

“Dark Void” is a fast-paced combat mode into the air and marine vertical game. The protagonist Will back with a pair of jet aircraft, so that he can freely through the void. The game does the air combat and ground fighting made a good balance, when you are on the ground, you’ll find out the bunker system much like most of today’s shooting game (like war machine), and this system is also useful when you climb the cliff cave when rolling; lead in air combat, your feet will not touch the ground, like the open vehicle.