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“TETRIS Blitz” applications on the Android platform&evaluation

TETRIS Blitz Game

Tetris is well known that there is little changed since the launch, we are all familiar with the traditional games are played, but the game giant EA seems to want this “old tree” to open a “new flower”. “Tetris Blitz” bring new time limit of two minutes of play. This game applications on the Android platform.

In the new game “Tetris Blitz, players only two minutes to packing box, and classic versions are very different. This set the fundamental principles of the game of change: the classic version, the player first and foremost consideration is how to format and do not die, in this version, players only need to consider how crazy score in two minutes.

When the players pass in succession to eliminate, it will trigger a frenzy mode: up from the bottom of the box to get a lot of monochrome box, as long as the players vacancies filled, will eliminate the score. The players even eliminate the more the number, the longer the duration of the frenzy mode, then the higher the score. Rational use of frenzy mode is the key to obtain a high score. Within two minutes the scores are to measure players Niubi only flag when playing Tetris Blitz, you need to convert traditional ideas on the maximum greed win.

Use the appropriate props score. The game has a variety of props, from a different perspective, they will help you to complete elimination. Each play can carry up to three props, how reasonable match to also score a big secret.

The game uses neon colors, and black and white child playing Tetris in stark contrast. Colorful box fell from the sky with shiny effects of props is definitely a novel visual enjoyment. The background music of the game with the most classic melody. How classic it?The same period of the birth of Tetris music, I believe that as long as the players played will be impressed. EA re-create the foundation of the old melody, together with the elements of electronic music, the more stylish and modern.

“Tetris Blitz” interpretation of what is called “old wine in new bottles”, but the taste of the new wine is pretty good.