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LANYARD has metal clip and Lanyard Mobile Phone special design

If you want a out of the ordinary mobile phone case? In the face of many styles of iPhone cases on the market , if you don’t know how to choose? Lanyard metal clip case is a especially creative products different from other mobile phone case on the market  . Below in the dorsal case mobile phone has a high gloss metallic clip, accompanied by the rope, while you take pictures of the mobile phone in a convenient location to hang up. Not only that, especially designed the metal clip and lanyard, mobile phone, let your mobile phone to show personal style charm.

Lanyard black metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
The metal bar as decoration in the mobile phone csae can be removed , the hanging rope can be placed on the mobile phone case,it can also be placed on the right side. The design in this part at the beginning, taking into account various may change,it fully guaranteed in various installation mode,this mobile phone case looks beautiful,elegant.

Pink Lanyard metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
The iphone5 mobile phone case has polycarbonate as the main raw material, the button and the opening are coated processing, flexible touch texture more joint hand. Add special high-quality metal clip and polyester mobile phone lanyard add a lot of charm for the mobile phone.

Brown Lanyard metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
LANYARD also has the ease of use and protection, including the protection and use of the side keys when tactile. Mobile phone shell color and charger, data line color to coordinate the collocation, the charging and the data transmission can also ensure that its beauty. Mobile phone shell do protective closed to each jack and the keys in each jack, when not in use, can be very good to prevent dust and dirt into the. Although is the simple design of ultra-thin, still can do very good protection and dustproof effect.


GGMM forest series iPhone 5 protective case combinate PC toughness

Now people using something are more modern, electronic and chemical synthesis,they are more sought after natural things . While as the characteristic of the era electronic IT products iPhone 5 with handmade wooden protective caes of pure natural do not have some flavor. GGMM forest series zebra wood Iphone 5 cases adopt log +PC material to create, it is soft joint right skidproof shockproof.

Hybrid material
GGMM forest series iPhone 5 protective case use reference quality natural forest as the basic color, it has uniform texture, straight, the structure is fine and uniform, no special smell or taste; matter, strength, wear resistance, dry shrinkage, no warping, not show generous, noble. GGMM forest series iPhone 5  mobile phone case use the latest materials technology , the mobile phone wood case is smooth and clear,it has non stick oil structure, each function key stereo processing, package box design for mobile phone in use process more easily produced a variety of styles to choose from.

Precision design
GGMM forest series iPhone 5 case is combined with the toughness of PC, the detailed process by sticking wood way to achieve both a wooden appearance, and is has the toughness of the PC, due to the wood material is from the nature, so the protection case grain size are different. Not to use the wood material, instead of using the mixed material, if the use of all wood, shell is thick,it is easy to fracture, and because the influence of humidity will deform .

using display
Mobile phone protection case and mobile phone accessories are no longer limited to plastic, wood case has many lightweight quality . The wooden hull protection of GGMM of this iPhone exquisite workmanship, let a person first to see not by eyes, like the naturalistic friends try.

Momax iPhone 5 grid case inside and outside adotp hollow design

People used to use the mobile phone case to protect their own mobile phone, but a mobile phone case will certainly affect the cooling effect of the mobile phone, even if you want to custom phone cases which should also take into account whether the customized mobile phone case has cooling effect. Momax launched a mobile phone case which has good heat dissipation effect. Momax iPhone 5 grid protection case adopts double design, the outer case is the diamond lattice, inner layer is a mesh, both inside and outside adopt hollow design, rectangular lattice diamond lattice and network on chip interleaved, woven into a three-dimensional cross pattern grid design special, it is more conducive to body heat.

Fashion double design
Momax iPhone 5 grid case even adopt double design,it can still keep case light and thin . Braided lines is not only beautiful, but also is very favorable for the mobile phone to timely cooling ,it is also very suitable to use in summer.

A number of hit color design
This case does not affect your normal use of mobile phone, earphone, the volume switch, key switch machine have reserved the hollow position, bottom interface in the loudspeaker and the data line of the fuselage design is very accurate, so you don’t have to worry about mobile phone speaker sound will be subject to interference from the protection shell.

Precise details of the design
Momax iPhone 5 grid case adopts high quality dumb face paint coat, feeling is good, and has a skidproof function; mesh material inside after surface treatment, the formation has a strong contrast with matte,it has rectangular lattice diamond lattice and network on chip interleaved, woven into a three-dimensional cross design special, unique form of woven patterns the. Momax iPhone 5 grid case adopts iPhone 5 black or white tone, it has colorful yellow, red, green, pink or light blue, this interesting hit color elements, for the simple iPhone 5 add a fresh and exciting atmosphere.

Google Play Games app live for Android


With the popularity of Android growing with each day, it’s obvious that the apps on Google Play will increase as well, and so there will be times when you struggle to find just what you are looking for. However, help is at hand with the new Google Play Games app, which makes life much easier to find new games, as well as track your progress, such as achievements and scores.

The new app, specifically designed for Google Play Games for Android was released today and amongst those features mentioned earlier will also allow you to play with friends who are in other parts of the world. If there was ever a way to bring Android gamers together, then this app would have to be it.

Some of the main Google Play Games app features are as follows: ability to find some great games that would have gone unnoticed, play with your friends, join multiplayer games, compare scores and also track your achievements.

This app was first announced back at Google I/O, and so you can understand why Android gamers will see this as a big deal, because it is a much-needed improvement to Android gaming. However, because it’s a new app there are bound to be a few bugs, along with some missing features.

As yet there have been no reports of Google Play Games bugs or problems, but it’s still early days and so we should hear about any negative reviews over the next day or two.

Because this app is in its infancy it will take developers some time to start using this in their apps, but once they get onboard the app can only get better.

Korean star Song Seung Heon endorsement mobile games into the Chinese market

Korean star Song Seung Heon through official micro bo release news, said, a famous mobile game company in Asia and will make it a game in China and Japan and South Korea market promotion. The release of the game figures in the graph, preheat as Song Seung Heon into China’s propaganda.

Song Seung Heon life imageIt is reported that the cooperation with the game, it is that Song Seung Heon into China’s first campaign, on the one hand is international fashion image of Song Seung Heon, and the game production style consistent. Because the game of the promotion is bigger, can bring about strong propaganda effect.

Song Seung Heon in game imageAt present, Song Seung Heon “when a man fall in love in the MBC shuimu play (Wednesday, aired on Thursday) has been ratings ranking first in the class, play, in China also become a major video sites of the king of the South Korean television dramas. Chinese fans of Song Seung Heon’s favorite, is also the important driving forces for the Song Seung Heon to speed up into the Chinese market. It is understood that the game, overhead crossing with sweet colourful beauty who lived in ages past, gaishi lean, invited painter of Japan’s top CARDS is bend force is made. Song Seung Heon will also through the troubled times to become one of the leading role.

Mobile games have become the most popular pastime enjoyment in modern time

pop cap gamepopular phone game

In contrast, mobile phone game is not the game, it is the invasion of the game machine position: sofa, recliner, family and even the bedroom. A 2012 survey of mobile phone game community MocoSpace report shows that game player’s time to play games on mobile devices than in the game phone and computer game play longer. This study investigated the 15000 game player, of which 46% of the surveyed game player to spend more time playing mobile phone games, compared with the 26% of respondents said the game player to spend more time playing games, and 23% of the game player said to spend more time playing PC games.

casual gamesA survey of PopCap games from game player also obtained the same results that 50% American and British game player to mobile devices as the main family game platform, and found that the majority of mobile phone game player said they most like to play the game of local sofa or bed. PopCap global issuance of vice president Dennis Ryan said, “we all know that people play mobile phone games on the road, but we are beginning to see the game player in the home also fondle admiringly on mobile devices. Considering the emerging in the mobile platform by the new game like tide, we believe that the mobile phone game is the invasion of electronic game machine and a personal computer — the last bastion of family.”

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released “2012 annual China mobile phone games User Research Report” also shows, 74.5% of the game player is purely for pleasure use mobile phone to play games. Common site users mobile phone games, 69.4% bedroom and dormitory, and 35.1% is transportation, visible for the game player, one of the factors to kill time mobile phone game is still, for before the game or on the way to and from work pastime. Mobile phone games seem to more easily attract people. People can find fun whenever and wherever possible, just took out mobile phone, a few button, it can be in a more convenient way to pass the time. I think these are good factors, this shows that the market demand is changing. Mobile phone to play in the game field becomes more and more powerful. Game size, performance, 3D effect and play the game sites are no longer important. Playing mobile phone game has become the most popular pastime enjoyment.

South Korean mobile game of 3D engine products in intensified dispute

According to South Korean media reports, the popularity of high-performance smart phones faster then, a lot of users for mobile game 3D engine technology products have the increasing attention. Currently, mobile phone games in the 2D image technology is gradually transformed into 3D process, which many engine development companies vying with each other to develop sections of the type of game engine products and engaged in fierce competition.

iphone Unity 3D engineSome analysts said that the South Korean game industry with many game development companies are turning to smartphone games such as the production development process, the game engine technology used in product selection even more cautious. Because the recent smartphone game uses a dual-core Nvidia Tegra chipset technology so let the phone overall performance become more powerful. However, CryENGINE aspect has not officially released any statement announcement. However, using the PC version developed CryENGINE2 social network game “BLUEMARS”‘s iOS version has been officially debuted. This also shows that this aspect is worked to launch CryENGINE related products just around the corner.

Unreal Engine technology to show the ability of PC-class imaging technology
Epicgames company uses iOS system to develop related products which have been officially put on the market. And its subsidiaries develop mobile game “Infinity Blade” has been considerable income. Meanwhile, iOS system Unreal Engine games on the PC can also be widely used. Recently, South Korea NCSOFT company will have to develop “Sword of Hope” which is the use of iOS system, but can be applied to the Unreal Engine Products of Iphone and Ipad products. Although there is no formal announcement, the company will proceed with the development of production Epicgames 3D version of the smart phone game, but also the Unreal Engine technology to the Google operating system of develop related products.

Unity 3D engine golfLow price performance Unity 3D engine
Recently, Unity production company is also developing smart phone games because of the Unreal Engine demonstrated superior technical performance. But the Unity 3D engine is in the actual overall performance which is very good. Meanwhile, inexpensive Unity 3D products has one of its advantages. We only need to spend $ 1,500 to be able to use this technology for life products. So, for those just starting a game developer is in acceptable price range.

Mech-style Pacific Rim will be changed to Android, games of this style is rare

Mobile game developer Jump Games will “Pacific Rim” the film adaptation of mobile games, published in the smartphone and tablet platforms.

JUMP Games is “Real Steel”, “Total Recall” developer, specializing in science fiction, fighting theme. Game “Pacific Rim” is the theme of sci-fi fighting, the two happen to coincide. From exposure screenshots of the game, we know that the game “Pacific RIM” in, we have to drive a huge Mech Warrior, the eradication of all kinds of strange giant monster.

Mech, behemoth for the protagonist fighting game is rare, I believe it will get a lot of players love. Developers have not yet publish publishing platform, release dates, and other specific information, but according to the law of Jump Games ever, there would be Android version. will continue to focus on the Pacific Rim, to bring you more news. Please enjoy the beautiful game screenshot.

Pacific Rim game will be posted in the smartphone_1 Pacific Rim game will be posted in the smartphone_2 Pacific Rim game will be posted in the smartphone_3 Pacific Rim game will be posted in the smartphone_4