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LANYARD has metal clip and Lanyard Mobile Phone special design

If you want a out of the ordinary mobile phone case? In the face of many styles of iPhone cases on the market , if you don’t know how to choose? Lanyard metal clip case is a especially creative products different from other mobile phone case on the marketĀ  . Below in the dorsal case mobile phone has a high gloss metallic clip, accompanied by the rope, while you take pictures of the mobile phone in a convenient location to hang up. Not only that, especially designed the metal clip and lanyard, mobile phone, let your mobile phone to show personal style charm.

Lanyard black metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
The metal bar as decoration in the mobile phone csae can be removed , the hanging rope can be placed on the mobile phone case,it can also be placed on the right side. The design in this part at the beginning, taking into account various may change,it fully guaranteed in various installation mode,this mobile phone case looks beautiful,elegant.

Pink Lanyard metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
The iphone5 mobile phone case has polycarbonate as the main raw material, the button and the opening are coated processing, flexible touch texture more joint hand. Add special high-quality metal clip and polyester mobile phone lanyard add a lot of charm for the mobile phone.

Brown Lanyard metal clip Lanyard Mobile phone case
LANYARD also has the ease of use and protection, including the protection and use of the side keys when tactile. Mobile phone shell color and charger, data line color to coordinate the collocation, the charging and the data transmission can also ensure that its beauty. Mobile phone shell do protective closed to each jack and the keys in each jack, when not in use, can be very good to prevent dust and dirt into the. Although is the simple design of ultra-thin, still can do very good protection and dustproof effect.