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“Borderlands” role skills introduction

Borderlands” is a FPS game with RPG element, you can customize the content including the mission, weapon configurations, number of enemies, loot types, elements in almost all the game can be modified according to their own preferences. But different people have different roles in the game of skill.

Roland is a former Crimson Lance . Roland is warrior.He is good at using all the weapons, especially like shotguns and rifles. He may be arranged in a machine gun towers can be upgraded.His skills belong to support . Leadership skills can increase the team to gain experience of speed, the medical skills can accelerate blood velocity, supporting skills increase the team’s attacking force and manufacturing ammunition. He was the only one who need not consider the ammunition figure, because he has a recharge backpack.

Lilith used to be human, Lilith turned 6 sirens, a group with super powers after contact with alien technology . She came to Pandora in search of another siren, and learn more about their own message. She uses their ability to attack the enemy. The phase of movement skill she invisible also allowed her to become a thief (like TF2, Spy, Lancette), her Assassin skills increase crit rate and combat damage. Her control system make the enemy was vertigo.

Mordecai came to Pandora to find a man named Yujinny. Understand that he died, the mo de Cai intends to investigate how he died and what the band before death. According to Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford his role as a hunter. He is very agile, as melee weapons with a sword. He is also a sniper rifle expert. His driving skills to summon called blood wings Eagle pet, it will attack you set your goals. Blood and attack with your skill growth.