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Origins of Malu is MMORPG which its game concept is similar to sand table game

A company in Canada’s Burning Dog Media Games officially open a new perspective for the design of the new RPG online games, “Origins of Malu”. Origins of Malu operated in 2012. At the same time, the game will cross platform game,and released PC and Mac version at the same time.

Origins of Malu game scene
“Origins of Malu” is a new perspective MMORPG, the game concept is similar to sand table game, game player will adventure in a changing world, the physical environment and all action game player in the game can change works. In the game system is set up, the enemy will have a very smart AI, important for the game player will not set limits on role level limit, character development and what kind of combat, that is to say this will be a game without any set of rules.

In addition, the game will not be any hierarchy system,it does not limit the character development and fighting style, that is to say, there is no rule that developers want to bring to the game player only rules. In addition, game player can also choose like remote or melee attacks for the game. And through life skills, game player can strengthen the attack attribute and effect, have unique skills.

At the same time, the game is popular, coupled with the early some slow motion system, to deal with the enemy be nothing difficult. Firearm types are quite different than the original, all kinds of weapons can deal with different types of enemy effect is completely different, you know using ordinary weapons against a fortified armor special transformation of soldiers and ghost requires large amounts of ammunition.