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Left 4 Dead 2 has shotgun seckill and shotgun knockback kill mode

Left 4 Dead 2” was released in 2009, until now the game is many people favorite game. But the game is more readily and bloody than before .There are many availability firearms , and it adds many extremely violent melee weapon: Pan, clubs, machetes, guitar and other make bloodlust multiplication weapon, zombie types also have increased, the interface looks more comfortable. But the game also has a variety of game attack.

Infector in the game
Shotgun seckill. This is the most basic way, if Witch was born in the only road, your hand also has the shotgun,it would be a good choice to directly throw it to burst her head . In order to scatter seckill, close to her without warning condition. Alert more stand up out sooner, aim at the in shorter time. You must in zero distance, otherwise the partial probability will increase.

Oil tank fire. This approach must meet two conditions, first, the Witch should be born in the nearby roadside wildfire or burning barrels, second oil barrels must be in your hand. The game player can fire situation caused by nothing more than shoot, throw napalm burn or the bomb and so on, but as long as the oil through the wildfire or burning barrels of flame threw Witch.

Shotgun knockback, read the above method you should know the shotgun to seismic back Witch, this is an extension of gun using,you can use it to push her down the building or to wildfire, or push down the gap between high and low, then please teammates while she climbs up to kill her. From the front shot seismic back Witch distance is short, you must consider carefully if the angle is not good .

Other than card ladder, card point, card safety door, the door of the refrigerating chamber and so on.. this card does not do the introduction.