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Call of Duty5 joined the flame combustion system

Call of Duty5: World at War not only was developed by”call of Duty 3″ Treyarch , and the game of the battlefield also returned to the series before the Second World War, the game will be around in the Pacific War campaign, make the game player experience between American and Japanese War scenes.

shootout scene of Call of Duty 5 shootout scene
“Call of Duty 5: World at War” is developed by before engine,it also adds some features, such as a new command system in the story mode, game player can take to the AI control team released tactical command. In multiplayer also added some weapons of war mode, for example “flamethrower” can be melted the opponent’s skin or light wooden structure building, also will be the impact of wind direction, for example at the nearby grass, let the fire spread and harm the enemy outside the range, “climate” has also become an important factors affecting the change.

A vivid picture
You also can see from the released game screen , a visual looking forward also have a high level of performance. The game uses a “call of Duty 5 Image engine”, in addition to the game screen performance can be guaranteed, the new flame combustion system makes the game more realistic in the battlefield. For example, at one level, one by the Japanese prisoner of Marines, he witnessed a prisoners were tortured and murdered, originally thought that he is the next victim, but accidentally in a U. S. military night raid was saved by a US soldier, then they began to escape. They fled into the night, the moonlight shining on the water surface, and the cabin in the burned, also released from the ashes and smoke into the night sky, merge into the environment light effect an impressive.