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The game mode introduction of Return to Castle Wolfenstein “

It was same with before work ,the story of “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” is set in the two World War, the enemy in the game both sides were wearing at the time axis and allies clothing, weapons and equipment were also on guns, but now some mysterious circumstances…….

Skeleton Officer of Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Game player can choose the singleplayer or multiplayer, in single player mode, game player will play B.J. Blazkowicz, an allied commandos. Game player mission is to infiltrate the German headquarters in mountain, the biological experiment investigation of Heinrich Himmler. The Hitler loyalists have found the remains of data in tenth Century in this seat on the mountain inside the castle, there are records how to summon undead, the dark knight and other evil creatures, Heinrich studies of these materials and biological experiment, once make him smoothly into the undead legions, battle will be seriously detrimental to the allies, so the game player must try to stop this from happening.

In many people campaign, each game player can choose one from four to play. Medic has the basic fighting force, it can be medical our forces have in battle damage, even to raise the dead comrades. The soldier is a standard fighter, he has no special abilities, but he can use two hands operated weapon, such as sniper rifles and bazookas,he is the main source of our military firepower.

The officer (Lieutenant) can not only replenish ammunition for other comrades,it can also be used on the back of the radio call aerial bombing or shelling, special attacks of this kind can often play a game changing in the trend is amazing. Engineer (Engineer) has the basic fighting capacity, can use the explosive destruction of terrain, more important is the engineer can repair the heavy machine gun MG42, provide considerable support in our army.

Compared with most of the FPS game, “the story of Wolfenstein” game player will be considerably higher, as the game progresses slowly found many traces, finally found out that there are considerable differences between the actual situation and the original forecast. In addition to the game exciting and let people see the picture be profuse in praise, “Wolfenstein” also cleverly combines the world of reality and fiction. If you like excitement thing mights as well try this game.