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GGMM forest series iPhone 5 protective case combinate PC toughness

Now people using something are more modern, electronic and chemical synthesis,they are more sought after natural things . While as the characteristic of the era electronic IT products iPhone 5 with handmade wooden protective caes of pure natural do not have some flavor. GGMM forest series zebra wood Iphone 5 cases adopt log +PC material to create, it is soft joint right skidproof shockproof.

Hybrid material
GGMM forest series iPhone 5 protective case use reference quality natural forest as the basic color, it has uniform texture, straight, the structure is fine and uniform, no special smell or taste; matter, strength, wear resistance, dry shrinkage, no warping, not show generous, noble. GGMM forest series iPhone 5  mobile phone case use the latest materials technology , the mobile phone wood case is smooth and clear,it has non stick oil structure, each function key stereo processing, package box design for mobile phone in use process more easily produced a variety of styles to choose from.

Precision design
GGMM forest series iPhone 5 case is combined with the toughness of PC, the detailed process by sticking wood way to achieve both a wooden appearance, and is has the toughness of the PC, due to the wood material is from the nature, so the protection case grain size are different. Not to use the wood material, instead of using the mixed material, if the use of all wood, shell is thick,it is easy to fracture, and because the influence of humidity will deform .

using display
Mobile phone protection case and mobile phone accessories are no longer limited to plastic, wood case has many lightweight quality . The wooden hull protection of GGMM of this iPhone exquisite workmanship, let a person first to see not by eyes, like the naturalistic friends try.