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Mobile phone puzzle game of “Haunted House II” concise Raiders

It is believed that love of mobile game play with friends for a “haunted house” which is full of magical color of educational puzzle game has left a deep impression. So, what’s the sequel to “the haunted house II will bring everyone more novelty and pleasure. In its ghost detective “Hector” although destroyed the world “building” ghosts of all YuanGui, calm the a moment of crisis, but also unwittingly destroy the continuity of space and time. His punishment was drifting aimlessly in the chaos in time and space. In the end, dimension of “ghosts” building opened the door to him. Face “ghosts building” than the world a more dangerous situation, “Hector” had to drum courage, adventure everywhere, as far as possible to collect as much evil force head, the door to open the solution space.
phone game 1phone game 2phone game 3
The game strategy:

Hector first appeared in the great hall of the “ghosts” building. First look at the surrounding environment, found that most of the paint on the door of the room, there is black skull to collect enough number of skulls. Back to the starting position and noticed that there is a “notice”, behind the wall can be a magic adventure after careful reading.

Simple trilogy:
Practice level, the purpose is to new to fit players familiar with the rules of the game, in order to go smoothly, so the more simple. First take a look at the notice on the wall, confirm the game’s quick tips and customs clearance condition, and then get the room keys in turn and skulls can pass a barrier.

Five golden key:
Back to the hall and found have to tick mark in the door behind him. On the steps on the first door on the right side of the black skull has ceased to exist, seems can explore into the inside. This point also relatively easy, as long as, in turn, obtained the skulls, inside the room key can pass a barrier.

Filling time:
Note some ground in the room will be cracks, subsidence, so be careful if you in action. When open the triangular door, go down the skulls and keys can be pass.

EasyKey tip: first use zombie pushed the wooden cases to the space fills up, increasing the distance of the move, recycled blue iron box trapped zombies walking around.

Before opening:
Key tip: turn pressure switch boxes, in some cases can be reused.


Funny “death-defying run” phone game-play raiders tips

Mobile phone game “death-defying run” shows to us. It contains the latest gameplay and game skills, like friends can not miss. Mobile phone game “death-defying run” game-play and various Raiders skills Daquan, let you get along well with the game.

speed phone game“death-defying run” gameplay.

“death-defying run” play raiders one: the game for the first time, then you can see our protagonist waist eye-catching “duck”, it looks and feels very funny. The game interface is very simple, but very clear, the protagonist in the running process, when the game player choice after the start we will go to the scene which has formal experience.

“death-defying run” play raiders two: the game is using the scenes of all is the long vehicle arrangement, and the combination of vehicles is a bit too simple, just a single, double row can not let a person produce any challenge desire, and the game in play no temple run diversity, endless to my jump, slide, such as turning on the inside are very rare, serious point can be said to be negligible.

Phone game“death-defying run” play raiders three: It is very simple game player to the game, in addition to run farther collecting hamburgers is hamburgers, and collect the way burger at the mall can buy lots of props, and in the course of the game will also refresh the props such as invincible acceleration, which is looking more and more like a temple, in addition to the game in the gameplay is the very delicate, a mistake will lead to the end of the game, and the distance between each vehicle also requires game player just right.

“Zombie Invasion: T-Virus” graphic clearance Raiders – Mobile Games Praise

“Zombie Invasion: T-Virus” is a terrible puzzle game, the whole scene is only a waste of laboratory building, wounded soldiers assigned to treatment. In order to quickly restore the combat effectiveness of the wounded, the mad professor to create a variation of the virus, allowing the dead into zombies, but the reality is that the experimental ultimate failure, virus diffusion. As a retired soldier, you must at all costs prevent the spread of the virus, and find out the truth behind the scenes.

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_1

Climb up the floor, pick up the iron gate next to a baseball bat

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_2

Open the 2nd door of the room, pick up the umbrella

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_3

Through the right side of the mirror you can see the number :77-9-63, remember

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_4

Using the baseball bat to kill zombies

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_5

Click zombies to get the key

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_6

Pick up the the blue nuts on the stove, and then smashed the bottle to get a roll of colored paper

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_7

Use the key to open the door 3

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_8

Dialogue with the character, and then get the key

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_9

Back to the downstairs, use the key to open the fire hydrant, and picked up the ax and first aid kit

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_10

Back to the 3rd room, he has mutated zombies, using an ax to kill him.

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_11

Picked up the revolver on the floor

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_12

To open carton under the table to pick up stationery and bullets, do not forget the corner of orange nut

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_13

Open your inventory, drag the bullet pistol

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_14

Upstairs, shot and killed two zombies

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_15

Enter the 5th room, found in the middle of the green garbage bags green nut

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_16

Into the back room, picked up the assault rifle, knife and yellow nut

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_17

Click on the wall, remember numbers: 972,875.788,710.639 ….

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_18

Back to the stairs to see the electric box, according to the tips of colored paper and put it into the correct nut, power

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_19

All the way to the top floor, picked up the wooden box on the pincers

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_20

On the ground floor, the use of the pincers open the carabiner

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_21

Power on the projector and put it into stationery, withdraw from the scene, to remember the numbers on the screen: 4428

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_22

In the zombie head position, picked up two shotgun cartridges

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_23

Upstairs, came to the door marked with “DONT OPEN DEAD INSIDE” room, enter the password: 4428, open the door

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_24

Entered the room, use the shotgun shooting all the zombies

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_25

View wearing chemical and biological suits zombies, picked up a blue bottle in his hands, and then use a knife cut his middle finger

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_26

Pick up the iron hook

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_27

View briefcase, a password is required, according to the number of columns 972, 875 788, 710 639,??? Infer the value of the last 972 – 97 = 875; 788 – 78 = 710; 639 – 63 = 576. Input 576, open the briefcase, pick up the crossbow

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_28

To View floor, found the sewer flashlight, use pincers to cut off the railing, pick up a flashlight with an umbrella

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_29

To the top floor, open wooden box with iron hook, a bow and arrow

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_30

The ground floor, the use of an iron hook to open the bottom of the stairs wood

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_31

To use flashlight irradiation, to see a shotgun, picked it up

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_32

Open Item column, dragged into the bow and arrow crossbow, bullets dragged into the shotgun

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_33

Back to the 2nd room, open the white door to the left, to shine a flashlight into a female zombie with a shotgun to kill her

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_34

View on the wall lever to adjust the number :77 -9-63

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_35

Picked up a green bottle and 3064 digital paper

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_36

Back to the ground floor of a small room, the view of red safe, try to find the law of the graphics and digital triangle corresponds to 3; Park, corresponding to 0; hexagonal corresponds to 6; the square corresponding digital adjusted to: 3064, open the safe, pick up the red bottle and Green Card

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_37

Go to the top floor, the first brush with the green card, and then the middle finger of the Item column, open the fingerprint lock

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_38

Entered the room, picked up the syringe

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_39

The ground floor and found zombie resurrection, the use of the crossbow shot

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_40

Using a syringe to get some blood samples

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_41

Back to the top of the test stand, using a microscope to view blood samples and found that blood color order: red, sky blue, yellow, blue

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_42

The color of the bottle into the laboratory station

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_43

Adjusted to the letter: LPRZ, color order: red, sky blue, yellow, blue

Zombie Invasion  T-Virus - Raiders_44

Click on the new vaccines, congratulations, you saved!