Google Play Games app live for Android


With the popularity of Android growing with each day, it’s obvious that the apps on Google Play will increase as well, and so there will be times when you struggle to find just what you are looking for. However, help is at hand with the new Google Play Games app, which makes life much easier to find new games, as well as track your progress, such as achievements and scores.

The new app, specifically designed for Google Play Games for Android was released today and amongst those features mentioned earlier will also allow you to play with friends who are in other parts of the world. If there was ever a way to bring Android gamers together, then this app would have to be it.

Some of the main Google Play Games app features are as follows: ability to find some great games that would have gone unnoticed, play with your friends, join multiplayer games, compare scores and also track your achievements.

This app was first announced back at Google I/O, and so you can understand why Android gamers will see this as a big deal, because it is a much-needed improvement to Android gaming. However, because it’s a new app there are bound to be a few bugs, along with some missing features.

As yet there have been no reports of Google Play Games bugs or problems, but it’s still early days and so we should hear about any negative reviews over the next day or two.

Because this app is in its infancy it will take developers some time to start using this in their apps, but once they get onboard the app can only get better.


Korean star Song Seung Heon endorsement mobile games into the Chinese market

Korean star Song Seung Heon through official micro bo release news, said, a famous mobile game company in Asia and will make it a game in China and Japan and South Korea market promotion. The release of the game figures in the graph, preheat as Song Seung Heon into China’s propaganda.

Song Seung Heon life imageIt is reported that the cooperation with the game, it is that Song Seung Heon into China’s first campaign, on the one hand is international fashion image of Song Seung Heon, and the game production style consistent. Because the game of the promotion is bigger, can bring about strong propaganda effect.

Song Seung Heon in game imageAt present, Song Seung Heon “when a man fall in love in the MBC shuimu play (Wednesday, aired on Thursday) has been ratings ranking first in the class, play, in China also become a major video sites of the king of the South Korean television dramas. Chinese fans of Song Seung Heon’s favorite, is also the important driving forces for the Song Seung Heon to speed up into the Chinese market. It is understood that the game, overhead crossing with sweet colourful beauty who lived in ages past, gaishi lean, invited painter of Japan’s top CARDS is bend force is made. Song Seung Heon will also through the troubled times to become one of the leading role.

2013’s most anticipated mobile game “i Wild World” published

The world’s first actually fighting mode, 2D turn-based horizontal version of the mobile game “i Wild World” is about to begin testing for the first time, it in the industry before the flood, 2013 the most anticipated game, at the start of testing real just brings me many surprises. Game background: “i Wild World” in southern song dynasty last years as the background, the court, alien. Heroes of all stripes beautiful martial arts resurfaced, want to find out in the path of reform, to pull in as help building in.

phone gameFormation systems
Good horse matchs good saddle, combining different scratchable latex formation, the rational allocation of the warrior stance, can stimulate the biggest potential, to an enemy and surprise. Formation through “practice Chen method” or a copy of the customs clearance, disposal done right, can give full play to their ability to winning, different front method each has his strong point, or heavy attack or defense, or a heavy hit. Partners of different stance could conjure up all kinds of collocation, law of different collocation, released determine the running order, enemies can win advantage at risk. When ordering properties, must pay attention to their partner and then can do it according to his be fond of.

Actually combat systems
“i Wild World” of combat systems is disruptive innovation, joined them system, what actually is: a specific or random symbols, in a length of moving back and forth rapidly, players need to move in symbols to the length of the effective area when pressing the corresponding button) battle masters the devil are you automatically according to the arrangement of player strategies to combat, but at a critical moment, when the role of anger after the outbreak of values, skills will appear to them, this is must personally players operating.

phone game pictureThe game task: quests, side quests and daily tasks
Daily quests: every day will appear in the game can be repeated. Players through the daily task, can gain more experience and silver. Daily task types varied, some may be wiped out certain types of enemies, there may be a customs clearance one copy, some may be purchasing an item. If you are not satisfied with daily tasks for the current can refresh the daily tasks, get new daily quests.

Main task: is the need to own choice to guide the evolution of the game. For the martial arts world view as the background, brings together the beam GuJinWen four characters of the novel, handsome Duan Yu, indomitable spirit Qiao Feng, arjuna sentimental charm. These are not key, the key is that, in the “river lake”, I have go against to change life, to turn things around. Southern song dynasty corrupt, but numerous lofty ideals are still in the fight for, can choose to turn things around, save arjuna, pacify big liao. Can also choose to support the liao, unify the whole country.

Side quests: although not by side quests also can continue to game, but the side quests will give a lot of money, experience and equipment, such as help shoot tigers kill lion inn boss can get the purple outfit that sort of thing, do it or it’s a good deal.

Some mobile games will also make Edison crazy in following

If Edison came to twenty-first Century now see a mobile phone, estimating his words will become “the application of mobile phone is 99% plus 1% of the hardware.”. So to apply now mobile phone so much, not so smart and stubborn Edison was crazy? Below I statistics several people try to stop but cannot again painful puzzle game, the game itself clearance is very difficult, if not to obtain the whole achievement is more difficult. Let us have a look these freak us out of the games.

“Escape” is a very good room escape puzzle game, the game to the story of five leading role for the spindle, out of the five segments afford much food for thought escape story, let the game player very devotion, is rarely seen in recent years, room escape games. The purpose of the game is very simple, game player is trapped in a sealed room, you need to open the door of the room escape this place. Obviously, you need to find the way to open the door, perhaps it will need some beat all the skills, you may want to find some hidden items, this is not difficult but not simple, you need to observe carefully, you will get all that, try to break through.

spy mouse“Spy mouse” is a production by EA under the creative team of a puzzle game. In this game, you need to become a spy mouse, get success in a variety of hidden organ level. On the epic adventure – by Flight Control and Real Racing producers spend more than two years carefully crafted for you. His fate is in your hands.spy mouse game

“Crocodile” small naughty love take a shower is a physics-based puzzle game, retina display image, multi-touch and excellent sound quality. If you want to be successful, you need to be very clever, also be algae, toxic ooze, traps. There are 140 challenging puzzle for you to solve.

“The platypus where Terry” is a Disney released “crocodile small naughty love take a shower” sequel, although the picture is similar, but the gameplay is different, the influence of water because of props in gaseous, liquid, solid state change, how to use different forms of water is clearance of the key. In the game, game player will experience various forms of water. Open the gates of the earth, guide the water and vapor through the ice, mud and stone into the pipeline. Dr. Du Fen evil in the sewers of the laser trap arrangement of all kinds, you need to use the laser turned water into different forms.

Epic sci-fi shooter game of “Mass Effect” graphic introduction

EA company since came to iOS platform can feel just like a fish in water. After its success launched last year in the dead space, to earlier this month also brought us the epic sci-fi same style — “mass effect”. The time with the PC version of the quality effect of 3 closely spaced, and mass effect in this version of iOS to create a new plot. But this does not affect our experience to the role of integration RPG and sci-fi shooting TPS together the fun. The game Phone we will take you to solve the mass effect iPhone version of the mystery.

Mass EffectThe picture and sound:
EA is EA, the picture experience is often the first way to measure a game. In the game, both for the description of the scenes and characters are very detailed description of details. But this game is the team developed, produced by dead space so, better visual experience that is be not at all surprising. Very fluent speech with the game, although English sounds more difficult, but the bottom have Chinese hints, like watching a movie.

Mass Effect gameThe game story:
The plot aspect, we played with mass effect PC version 3, although some people say that this mass effect plot is taken from mass effect 3, but I did not feel the similarities between them. In the game, we can buy in a store to buy weapons, abilities and improve the basic ability. Star coins you can get in the game, can also be collected by customs in the store to buy the intelligence report. The level is BT, suggested to play but friends can brush money to buy equipment.

game Mass Effect 1Split screen operation / third person shooter
In addition to outside the picture, this game is the most attract the author is it abandons the traditional double rocker operation mode, instead of using a split screen mode of operation. Game player with fingers on the left sliding the screen can realize different movement, such as slide upwards is a forward roll. The right side of the screen is mainly responsible for targeting operation. The game uses third person shooter mode compared with the traditional first-person shooter mode is more outstanding. And does not appear to occur almost. There are two kinds of state of the game, a mode of locomotion non-combat state, one is encountered enemy battle mode. Mobile mode is mainly used to run away. Battle mode, when you close to the bunker, character automatically to avoid in the bunker. In the bunker, you can continue to slide the screen rolling down a bunker locations. Essence of the game is to find all the battle bunker. In this state, you can observe the position of the enemy, the enemy when the blue square head, you can attack. In the game, you can choose different weapons to attack the enemy, can also choose to confront the enemy abilities of different. Different weapons and tactics to deal with different enemies have different effect. The super power attacks, you attack the enemy’s effect than conventional state attacks.

Flies Post Cards of mobile game “Dragon’s Call”

Dragon's Call gameDragon's Call phone gameTorrents and CMGE China tour recently released a leisure card hand whitebox handset game “call of the dragon”, the pet nurturance, SanXiao against game fusion, with Android and iOS version two. “Yu quan” is understood to be the game by the music combination investment. It is reported that “call of the dragon” is “infinite by Beijing science and technology development co., LTD., research and development, using UNITY3D game engine, the whole development team has 12 people, the development time for nine months. This is not their first game after they also launched a mobile phone of wuxia SanXiao game “wulin leader”.

The game iOS version issued by torrents and operations, Android version released by CMGE China hand tour operations. “Yu quan” combination, hu haiquan, according to one of the investment long before there is a mobile game idea, choose investment “mainly focuses on the team, innovative ability and entrepreneurial passion.

Current card games are across the whole of Asia, Japan was launched in 2012, the Shanghai Zhilong MiCheng, card games, in April the month income has reached $113 million, more than 60% of smartphone users in Japan are playing the game. Its development company GungHo earn rich thanks to the game, the market value even more than the old nintendo game company in Japan. China also has a lot of teams have launched similar card games, such as “I’m MT”, “big head”, and so on. According to relevant data to predict, the global mobile games end user revenues could reach $11 billion by 2015.

Mobile phone puzzle game of “Haunted House II” concise Raiders

It is believed that love of mobile game play with friends for a “haunted house” which is full of magical color of educational puzzle game has left a deep impression. So, what’s the sequel to “the haunted house II will bring everyone more novelty and pleasure. In its ghost detective “Hector” although destroyed the world “building” ghosts of all YuanGui, calm the a moment of crisis, but also unwittingly destroy the continuity of space and time. His punishment was drifting aimlessly in the chaos in time and space. In the end, dimension of “ghosts” building opened the door to him. Face “ghosts building” than the world a more dangerous situation, “Hector” had to drum courage, adventure everywhere, as far as possible to collect as much evil force head, the door to open the solution space.
phone game 1phone game 2phone game 3
The game strategy:

Hector first appeared in the great hall of the “ghosts” building. First look at the surrounding environment, found that most of the paint on the door of the room, there is black skull to collect enough number of skulls. Back to the starting position and noticed that there is a “notice”, behind the wall can be a magic adventure after careful reading.

Simple trilogy:
Practice level, the purpose is to new to fit players familiar with the rules of the game, in order to go smoothly, so the more simple. First take a look at the notice on the wall, confirm the game’s quick tips and customs clearance condition, and then get the room keys in turn and skulls can pass a barrier.

Five golden key:
Back to the hall and found have to tick mark in the door behind him. On the steps on the first door on the right side of the black skull has ceased to exist, seems can explore into the inside. This point also relatively easy, as long as, in turn, obtained the skulls, inside the room key can pass a barrier.

Filling time:
Note some ground in the room will be cracks, subsidence, so be careful if you in action. When open the triangular door, go down the skulls and keys can be pass.

EasyKey tip: first use zombie pushed the wooden cases to the space fills up, increasing the distance of the move, recycled blue iron box trapped zombies walking around.

Before opening:
Key tip: turn pressure switch boxes, in some cases can be reused.

Mobile games have become the most popular pastime enjoyment in modern time

pop cap gamepopular phone game

In contrast, mobile phone game is not the game, it is the invasion of the game machine position: sofa, recliner, family and even the bedroom. A 2012 survey of mobile phone game community MocoSpace report shows that game player’s time to play games on mobile devices than in the game phone and computer game play longer. This study investigated the 15000 game player, of which 46% of the surveyed game player to spend more time playing mobile phone games, compared with the 26% of respondents said the game player to spend more time playing games, and 23% of the game player said to spend more time playing PC games.

casual gamesA survey of PopCap games from game player also obtained the same results that 50% American and British game player to mobile devices as the main family game platform, and found that the majority of mobile phone game player said they most like to play the game of local sofa or bed. PopCap global issuance of vice president Dennis Ryan said, “we all know that people play mobile phone games on the road, but we are beginning to see the game player in the home also fondle admiringly on mobile devices. Considering the emerging in the mobile platform by the new game like tide, we believe that the mobile phone game is the invasion of electronic game machine and a personal computer — the last bastion of family.”

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released “2012 annual China mobile phone games User Research Report” also shows, 74.5% of the game player is purely for pleasure use mobile phone to play games. Common site users mobile phone games, 69.4% bedroom and dormitory, and 35.1% is transportation, visible for the game player, one of the factors to kill time mobile phone game is still, for before the game or on the way to and from work pastime. Mobile phone games seem to more easily attract people. People can find fun whenever and wherever possible, just took out mobile phone, a few button, it can be in a more convenient way to pass the time. I think these are good factors, this shows that the market demand is changing. Mobile phone to play in the game field becomes more and more powerful. Game size, performance, 3D effect and play the game sites are no longer important. Playing mobile phone game has become the most popular pastime enjoyment.

Funny “death-defying run” phone game-play raiders tips

Mobile phone game “death-defying run” shows to us. It contains the latest gameplay and game skills, like friends can not miss. Mobile phone game “death-defying run” game-play and various Raiders skills Daquan, let you get along well with the game.

speed phone game“death-defying run” gameplay.

“death-defying run” play raiders one: the game for the first time, then you can see our protagonist waist eye-catching “duck”, it looks and feels very funny. The game interface is very simple, but very clear, the protagonist in the running process, when the game player choice after the start we will go to the scene which has formal experience.

“death-defying run” play raiders two: the game is using the scenes of all is the long vehicle arrangement, and the combination of vehicles is a bit too simple, just a single, double row can not let a person produce any challenge desire, and the game in play no temple run diversity, endless to my jump, slide, such as turning on the inside are very rare, serious point can be said to be negligible.

Phone game“death-defying run” play raiders three: It is very simple game player to the game, in addition to run farther collecting hamburgers is hamburgers, and collect the way burger at the mall can buy lots of props, and in the course of the game will also refresh the props such as invincible acceleration, which is looking more and more like a temple, in addition to the game in the gameplay is the very delicate, a mistake will lead to the end of the game, and the distance between each vehicle also requires game player just right.

South Korean mobile game of 3D engine products in intensified dispute

According to South Korean media reports, the popularity of high-performance smart phones faster then, a lot of users for mobile game 3D engine technology products have the increasing attention. Currently, mobile phone games in the 2D image technology is gradually transformed into 3D process, which many engine development companies vying with each other to develop sections of the type of game engine products and engaged in fierce competition.

iphone Unity 3D engineSome analysts said that the South Korean game industry with many game development companies are turning to smartphone games such as the production development process, the game engine technology used in product selection even more cautious. Because the recent smartphone game uses a dual-core Nvidia Tegra chipset technology so let the phone overall performance become more powerful. However, CryENGINE aspect has not officially released any statement announcement. However, using the PC version developed CryENGINE2 social network game “BLUEMARS”‘s iOS version has been officially debuted. This also shows that this aspect is worked to launch CryENGINE related products just around the corner.

Unreal Engine technology to show the ability of PC-class imaging technology
Epicgames company uses iOS system to develop related products which have been officially put on the market. And its subsidiaries develop mobile game “Infinity Blade” has been considerable income. Meanwhile, iOS system Unreal Engine games on the PC can also be widely used. Recently, South Korea NCSOFT company will have to develop “Sword of Hope” which is the use of iOS system, but can be applied to the Unreal Engine Products of Iphone and Ipad products. Although there is no formal announcement, the company will proceed with the development of production Epicgames 3D version of the smart phone game, but also the Unreal Engine technology to the Google operating system of develop related products.

Unity 3D engine golfLow price performance Unity 3D engine
Recently, Unity production company is also developing smart phone games because of the Unreal Engine demonstrated superior technical performance. But the Unity 3D engine is in the actual overall performance which is very good. Meanwhile, inexpensive Unity 3D products has one of its advantages. We only need to spend $ 1,500 to be able to use this technology for life products. So, for those just starting a game developer is in acceptable price range.