2013’s most anticipated mobile game “i Wild World” published

The world’s first actually fighting mode, 2D turn-based horizontal version of the mobile game “i Wild World” is about to begin testing for the first time, it in the industry before the flood, 2013 the most anticipated game, at the start of testing real just brings me many surprises. Game background: “i Wild World” in southern song dynasty last years as the background, the court, alien. Heroes of all stripes beautiful martial arts resurfaced, want to find out in the path of reform, to pull in as help building in.

phone gameFormation systems
Good horse matchs good saddle, combining different scratchable latex formation, the rational allocation of the warrior stance, can stimulate the biggest potential, to an enemy and surprise. Formation through “practice Chen method” or a copy of the customs clearance, disposal done right, can give full play to their ability to winning, different front method each has his strong point, or heavy attack or defense, or a heavy hit. Partners of different stance could conjure up all kinds of collocation, law of different collocation, released determine the running order, enemies can win advantage at risk. When ordering properties, must pay attention to their partner and then can do it according to his be fond of.

Actually combat systems
“i Wild World” of combat systems is disruptive innovation, joined them system, what actually is: a specific or random symbols, in a length of moving back and forth rapidly, players need to move in symbols to the length of the effective area when pressing the corresponding button) battle masters the devil are you automatically according to the arrangement of player strategies to combat, but at a critical moment, when the role of anger after the outbreak of values, skills will appear to them, this is must personally players operating.

phone game pictureThe game task: quests, side quests and daily tasks
Daily quests: every day will appear in the game can be repeated. Players through the daily task, can gain more experience and silver. Daily task types varied, some may be wiped out certain types of enemies, there may be a customs clearance one copy, some may be purchasing an item. If you are not satisfied with daily tasks for the current can refresh the daily tasks, get new daily quests.

Main task: is the need to own choice to guide the evolution of the game. For the martial arts world view as the background, brings together the beam GuJinWen four characters of the novel, handsome Duan Yu, indomitable spirit Qiao Feng, arjuna sentimental charm. These are not key, the key is that, in the “river lake”, I have go against to change life, to turn things around. Southern song dynasty corrupt, but numerous lofty ideals are still in the fight for, can choose to turn things around, save arjuna, pacify big liao. Can also choose to support the liao, unify the whole country.

Side quests: although not by side quests also can continue to game, but the side quests will give a lot of money, experience and equipment, such as help shoot tigers kill lion inn boss can get the purple outfit that sort of thing, do it or it’s a good deal.


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