Epic sci-fi shooter game of “Mass Effect” graphic introduction

EA company since came to iOS platform can feel just like a fish in water. After its success launched last year in the dead space, to earlier this month also brought us the epic sci-fi same style — “mass effect”. The time with the PC version of the quality effect of 3 closely spaced, and mass effect in this version of iOS to create a new plot. But this does not affect our experience to the role of integration RPG and sci-fi shooting TPS together the fun. The game Phone we will take you to solve the mass effect iPhone version of the mystery.

Mass EffectThe picture and sound:
EA is EA, the picture experience is often the first way to measure a game. In the game, both for the description of the scenes and characters are very detailed description of details. But this game is the team developed, produced by dead space so, better visual experience that is be not at all surprising. Very fluent speech with the game, although English sounds more difficult, but the bottom have Chinese hints, like watching a movie.

Mass Effect gameThe game story:
The plot aspect, we played with mass effect PC version 3, although some people say that this mass effect plot is taken from mass effect 3, but I did not feel the similarities between them. In the game, we can buy in a store to buy weapons, abilities and improve the basic ability. Star coins you can get in the game, can also be collected by customs in the store to buy the intelligence report. The level is BT, suggested to play but friends can brush money to buy equipment.

game Mass Effect 1Split screen operation / third person shooter
In addition to outside the picture, this game is the most attract the author is it abandons the traditional double rocker operation mode, instead of using a split screen mode of operation. Game player with fingers on the left sliding the screen can realize different movement, such as slide upwards is a forward roll. The right side of the screen is mainly responsible for targeting operation. The game uses third person shooter mode compared with the traditional first-person shooter mode is more outstanding. And does not appear to occur almost. There are two kinds of state of the game, a mode of locomotion non-combat state, one is encountered enemy battle mode. Mobile mode is mainly used to run away. Battle mode, when you close to the bunker, character automatically to avoid in the bunker. In the bunker, you can continue to slide the screen rolling down a bunker locations. Essence of the game is to find all the battle bunker. In this state, you can observe the position of the enemy, the enemy when the blue square head, you can attack. In the game, you can choose different weapons to attack the enemy, can also choose to confront the enemy abilities of different. Different weapons and tactics to deal with different enemies have different effect. The super power attacks, you attack the enemy’s effect than conventional state attacks.


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