Mobile games have become the most popular pastime enjoyment in modern time

pop cap gamepopular phone game

In contrast, mobile phone game is not the game, it is the invasion of the game machine position: sofa, recliner, family and even the bedroom. A 2012 survey of mobile phone game community MocoSpace report shows that game player’s time to play games on mobile devices than in the game phone and computer game play longer. This study investigated the 15000 game player, of which 46% of the surveyed game player to spend more time playing mobile phone games, compared with the 26% of respondents said the game player to spend more time playing games, and 23% of the game player said to spend more time playing PC games.

casual gamesA survey of PopCap games from game player also obtained the same results that 50% American and British game player to mobile devices as the main family game platform, and found that the majority of mobile phone game player said they most like to play the game of local sofa or bed. PopCap global issuance of vice president Dennis Ryan said, “we all know that people play mobile phone games on the road, but we are beginning to see the game player in the home also fondle admiringly on mobile devices. Considering the emerging in the mobile platform by the new game like tide, we believe that the mobile phone game is the invasion of electronic game machine and a personal computer — the last bastion of family.”

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released “2012 annual China mobile phone games User Research Report” also shows, 74.5% of the game player is purely for pleasure use mobile phone to play games. Common site users mobile phone games, 69.4% bedroom and dormitory, and 35.1% is transportation, visible for the game player, one of the factors to kill time mobile phone game is still, for before the game or on the way to and from work pastime. Mobile phone games seem to more easily attract people. People can find fun whenever and wherever possible, just took out mobile phone, a few button, it can be in a more convenient way to pass the time. I think these are good factors, this shows that the market demand is changing. Mobile phone to play in the game field becomes more and more powerful. Game size, performance, 3D effect and play the game sites are no longer important. Playing mobile phone game has become the most popular pastime enjoyment.


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