Funny “death-defying run” phone game-play raiders tips

Mobile phone game “death-defying run” shows to us. It contains the latest gameplay and game skills, like friends can not miss. Mobile phone game “death-defying run” game-play and various Raiders skills Daquan, let you get along well with the game.

speed phone game“death-defying run” gameplay.

“death-defying run” play raiders one: the game for the first time, then you can see our protagonist waist eye-catching “duck”, it looks and feels very funny. The game interface is very simple, but very clear, the protagonist in the running process, when the game player choice after the start we will go to the scene which has formal experience.

“death-defying run” play raiders two: the game is using the scenes of all is the long vehicle arrangement, and the combination of vehicles is a bit too simple, just a single, double row can not let a person produce any challenge desire, and the game in play no temple run diversity, endless to my jump, slide, such as turning on the inside are very rare, serious point can be said to be negligible.

Phone game“death-defying run” play raiders three: It is very simple game player to the game, in addition to run farther collecting hamburgers is hamburgers, and collect the way burger at the mall can buy lots of props, and in the course of the game will also refresh the props such as invincible acceleration, which is looking more and more like a temple, in addition to the game in the gameplay is the very delicate, a mistake will lead to the end of the game, and the distance between each vehicle also requires game player just right.


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