South Korean mobile game of 3D engine products in intensified dispute

According to South Korean media reports, the popularity of high-performance smart phones faster then, a lot of users for mobile game 3D engine technology products have the increasing attention. Currently, mobile phone games in the 2D image technology is gradually transformed into 3D process, which many engine development companies vying with each other to develop sections of the type of game engine products and engaged in fierce competition.

iphone Unity 3D engineSome analysts said that the South Korean game industry with many game development companies are turning to smartphone games such as the production development process, the game engine technology used in product selection even more cautious. Because the recent smartphone game uses a dual-core Nvidia Tegra chipset technology so let the phone overall performance become more powerful. However, CryENGINE aspect has not officially released any statement announcement. However, using the PC version developed CryENGINE2 social network game “BLUEMARS”‘s iOS version has been officially debuted. This also shows that this aspect is worked to launch CryENGINE related products just around the corner.

Unreal Engine technology to show the ability of PC-class imaging technology
Epicgames company uses iOS system to develop related products which have been officially put on the market. And its subsidiaries develop mobile game “Infinity Blade” has been considerable income. Meanwhile, iOS system Unreal Engine games on the PC can also be widely used. Recently, South Korea NCSOFT company will have to develop “Sword of Hope” which is the use of iOS system, but can be applied to the Unreal Engine Products of Iphone and Ipad products. Although there is no formal announcement, the company will proceed with the development of production Epicgames 3D version of the smart phone game, but also the Unreal Engine technology to the Google operating system of develop related products.

Unity 3D engine golfLow price performance Unity 3D engine
Recently, Unity production company is also developing smart phone games because of the Unreal Engine demonstrated superior technical performance. But the Unity 3D engine is in the actual overall performance which is very good. Meanwhile, inexpensive Unity 3D products has one of its advantages. We only need to spend $ 1,500 to be able to use this technology for life products. So, for those just starting a game developer is in acceptable price range.


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